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10 Popular Japanese Used Cars for Tanzania

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Shipping Schedule

How long time do you need to receive your car?

6 - 8 weeks from payment

*This in only a guide. Please ask to the seller for details.

Used Car Import Regulations


The import regulation is subject to change without notice.
CAR ASSOCIATION is not responsible for the import regulation.
Please ask government authority of Tanzania for latest information.

  • Age Restriction:

    No age restriction. However there is additional duty for old vehicles.
    We recommend customers to check well.

  • Steering:

    Basically right.

  • Inspection:

    Required to go under JAAI or EAA.

  • Destination Port:

    Dar es Salaam

  • Island Transportation:

    Please ask the seller who has the car you are interested in.
    CAR ASSOCIATION do not provide the service for the island transportation.

  • Import Duty:

    There are Import duty, Excise duty and VAT. We recommend customer to ask about duties to the national customs.

FAQ from customer

  • What kind of services does CAR ASSOCIATION provide?

    We CAR ASSOCIATION provide a online marketplace for Japanese used cars like a shopping mall on website for Japanese used car.
    Multiple Japanese used car sellers(exporters) sell cars through our website.
    You can buy cars from them.
    * We are administrator of this website, we do not sell any cars.

  • Can I request the car I want?

    Yes. You can request the car you want through “Request Car” function.
    You just tell your ideal car spec and the sellers will recommend from their stock
    *Sign-up and Login are required.(All free) Request Car

  • How many stock registered in CAR ASSOCIATION?

    Over 10,000 cars are registered by the sellers as of February 2016. Browse All Stock

  • How to order my car?

    If you found the car you want, please contact seller by using "Free Quote" function on the car detail page.
    *Sign-up and Login are required.(All free)

    The seller will issue the Proforma Invoice.
    Please confirm the Proforma Invoice and click "Order Button" in messaging tool on "MY PAGE"
    The seller will issue the Invoice to you.
    Once you received the Invoice, please make the payment to the CAR ASSOCIATION bank account before due date.

    You can do all of the transaction with the seller on "MY PAGE".
    *Login is required. How To Order


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