Trade Terms and Conditions

Trade Terms and Conditions
Payment Terms
・After buyer placed an order, seller will issue INVOICE.
・Buyer must pay into the CAR ASSOCIATION bank account.
・Buyer cannot pay seller(shipper) directly.
Buyer must complete the payment within 2 days from issue date of INVOICE.
・The payment due date is shown on INVOICE.
・Buyer can make the payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) only.
Buyer must bear the bank charge cost when remitting T/T.
Buyer make the payment 100% amount by T/T, and upload the copy of T/T receipt on my page by the payment due date.
 If buyer fails to do so, the order will be canceled.
・After CAR ASSOCIATION confirms that the money was transferred to CAR ASSOCIATION bank account, seller will make shipment.
 (It takes 3 - 5 business days to confirm the money transfer.)
・After seller makes shipment, CAR ASSOCIATION will transfer the money to seller.
・If seller fails to make shipment, CAR ASSOCIATION will refund the money to buyer.
Car Condition
・Buyer have to make sure of the car details and condition before ordering.
・CAR ASSOCIATION is not responsible for the car condition.
Trouble During Voyage
・CAR ASSOCIATION is not responsible for any troubles occur on the car during voyage.
(Damages, Losses, Incidents, etc.)
Import Regulation
・CAR ASSOCIATION is not responsible for import regulation of buyer's country.
・Before ordering any car, buyer must confirm import regulation with their government authority.